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    Grandpa's not to big on tent camping anymore, but had a great Father's Day weekend with son, grandsons, and friends. Hotdogs, smores, bad campfire guitar, all of the things us kids love. It was hot but we were only 30 yards from Lake Travis so it was bearable.

    I spoke with my Dad and will get to Idaho to see him in August. Really looking forward to it.

    Life is good, count your blessings, and make a difference in someone's life.


      On the red eye from Vegas. I am going to fire whomever booked this flight.


        Slept in this morning.Day one of vacation.I think I'll go take a nap.



          Im exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Havent been this soar in a looong time. Two days on the lake at 7hrs a day getting drug behind the boat. Kneeboard, wakeboard, ski, and tube. I hurt!!

          I did perfect this trick over the weekend. Barrel roll on the tube!!

          This is not me in the video just shows the trick
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            I have a confession...

            I had 2 gas station corn dogs and a bag of pork rinds for breakfast

            someday I'll get back on my diet.


              had a nice "one on one" father's day since Blaine is still at camp in Missouri

              Neely and I went to see this flick

              Click image for larger version

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              It was better than I expected. Watching the Smith kid do his thing was like finding a bird nest on the ground. Be prepared, that kid is going to entertain us for decades. They did an awesome job shooting the China scenes... 5 stars from me.

              Worked in the shop last night and welded up a base for my little coffee table project.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	the base.JPG
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              Casters should come in this week... I still have ideas...


                GOOD MORNING!!!! Love it when the weekend was productive!! lots of things accomplished! its just a good feeling!!! Have a good week all!!


                  I played the worst golf I've played in years, drunked a whole bunch too many beers, and partied with my family every day this weekend! Trying to buy a truck now....not fun, but they shore are nice! Have to go to Poteau Oklahoma this evenin.


                    Mondays get here too fast especially on Fathers Day weekend.

                    Glad to have a job to support my lifestyle, lol.

                    Took oldest son and fiancee kayak fishing Confederate Reef, Galveston. Fun but it would had been more fun if trout or reds or anything was tugging on the line other than oysters, LOL.


                      Beating you all to the punch tomorrow morning, cause mornings for me, quite frankly, are busy. Coffee is going to be great as usual as I bust out the door and get on the super slab to downtown H-Town, LOL.

                      Perhaps Wyoming is in my future some day but for now I'm focusing on the green water that should be on the beach this Saturday and the first cool fronts that will welcome the 1st weekend in October.

                      I think that there's an LSBA event the first part of August that I'm looking forward to at the air conditioned confines of Reliant.

                      You folks have a good hump day.


                        Good morning TBH, coffee is great today!


                          Not only am I addicted to archery, I am also addicted to Texas Bowhunter.

                          I AM PRESENT DAILY.


                            Happy hump day to all.


                              Good morning!!!


                                I've always said I was a very blessed individual, in many ways, but one in particular that I was born with 9 living grandparents: 4 grand, 4 great-grand and 1 great-great grand. Since I was born, I have lost 3, and to this day I haven't met to many people my age with 2 living great-grandmothers and all of their grandparents.

                                Today I took my lunch break to go see one of my great-grandmothers with my sister and nephew. She is just shy of 92 and laying in bed unable to be active anymore. Her days a very numbered, she can only drink water at this point.

                                She has lived 5 years past losing her husband of 69 years, and up until about 6 months ago was readily out of the town, driving to eat and have meetings. Since then age has graced her and she is ready to fufill her time here. She was very inquisitive, especially when she chatted for 10 minutes with her great-great grandson about fishing.

                                So keep the family in your thoughts the next few weeks, it's had to lose the pistol of the family. I hope to live long and experience just 1/10th of the things she has.