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  • Casey Morris

  • Glenn Lemke

  • Les Tompkins

  • Steve Leggett

Devil's Sinkhole SNA
    Rocksprings, Texas

    October 29 - November 1, 2001

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Live Hunt from Devil's Sinkhole SNA



Welcome to's fourth live hunt of the season.  This hunt is coming to you from the limestone canyons of Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area.  Back in August, I entered into the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Draw Hunts for this area.  Luckily, my application got drawn.  Glenn Lemke, Les Tompkins and I started making plans for this trip.  With one of our hunters having dropped off the list, I called Steve Leggett to see if he would be interested in attempting to get on as a standby.  The area spokesperson had already told me that he believed some stand-by positions would be available, so Steve jumped at the chance.

We are headed out today, Sunday, for Bob McCarson's Ranch in the vicinity of the area.  Bob is a friend of Glenn's and he has offerred to let us stay at his ranch during the hunt.  We'll head out in the morning to meet up with the Parks' personnel and the other hunters, where we will sign in and then be allowed onto the property.  

This hunt will allow us two whitetails, of either sex and unlimited hogs and exotics.  Exotics consist of mostly free-ranging axis.

Follow along with us as we make this off-season, work week hunt.  We're certain this will be a blast!