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Michael Middleton
      Jerry Gonzalez
      Mike Mireles

South of Kingsville, TX

    Sept. 6-8, 2002





Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a popular internet website is the relationships that I’ve developed over the last four years.  I am fortunate that most of the people that I now consider my closest friends are people that I have met via the internet.  As a result of those friendships, I have had the privilege of hunting with great people at various places throughout the state.    My first hunt to open the 2002-2003 hunting season is an example of just such an occasion. 

Jerry Gonzalez, owner of Pedneral Bowhunts (, has been a longtime supporter of, and both he and his wife, Melissa, have become great friends to my wife and me.  Last winter, Jerry was in Houston on business and we invited him and one of his bowhunting co-workers, to our house for dinner.  It was there that Jerry introduced me to Mike Mireles, a loyal “lurker” that Jerry introduced to  Mike brought Nilgai steaks and “libations”, and we all had a great time sitting around a fire in my backyard, drinking “spirits”, telling stories and eating homemade brownies topped with butter! 

A few weeks later, Mike called and invited my entire family, along with Jerry’s wife and kids, to come down during turkey season to visit and hunt turkeys at the ranch he manages, and on which he lives.  Once again, we had a great time, and Jerry even managed to arrow his first turkey.  (Sometimes we all get lucky!)

Before we left, Mike said he wanted us to come back down during the summer to hunt Nilgai.  Having hunted the them once before on the King Ranch with 4 Arrows Outfitters, I have looked forward to another opportunity to hunt the challenging exotic quarry.  Jerry, Mike and I made plans for our return in the summer, and we settled for early September as the date.  Read on to see the exciting results of our hunt!