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    A pellet grill is like the 6.5 man bun. I’d rather burn mesquite and grill for a couple hours than fire up a pellet grill. But I have one and haven’t burned mesquite in a few years. It will ruin you!


      You can't beat this pellet grill, especially for the $:
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        Originally posted by Greenheadless View Post
        I have GMG, and it has done well for its age, but if I were to do it again, I probably would go with another mfg. It become wildly unpredictable when it will work right. My favorite are the ‘smoke explosions’ every once in a while.

        If I did it again, I might look at PittBoss. Maybe even pull out the big guns and seriously look at Pitt & Spitts. While I am sure their overall build is great, I am curious about the controller/etc., because that has been where all my issues are with my current GMG.

        I’m almost 4 years on my P&S with no controller issues at all.

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          I have a Pit Boss PB850PS2 and like it. Price isn't bad and wife can easily use it. Recommend a good cleaning it every couple times or once after a long smoke. If you don't it can be a pain.


            Thanks for all of the information shared on this thread. It’s on my radar screen to get a pellet grill and I didn’t realize there were so many different brands. I use to enjoy grilling but that’s been many moons ago. I still grill but it’s e really not my thing.
            Question: Do I need to buy “said grill” at a specialty store or go to a big box store is as good? Is there a difference in the quality? Thanks


              My Reqteq is out for delivery today. Guess I will see if it's all It's cracked up to be this will be my first pellet smoker. think I may try it out this weekend


                BB store is fine imo. Warranties/parts are through the manufacturer.


                  Originally posted by Ham View Post
                  BB store is fine imo. Warranties/parts are through the manufacturer.
                  You might be surprised.

                  Texas Star Grill Shop is good about fixing something that goes out, at least within the first year anyway. They’re in the Houston area and if you buy a grill from them and are in their service area, they’ll assemble and deliver the grill you buy at no extra charge.

                  My younger brother bought the big Green Mountain pellet grill from them probably a year and a half ago. Hot Rod went out, he contacted Texas Star and Green Mountain.

                  Texas Star sent someone out there the same day to install a replacement at no charge, Green Mountain sent him one on warranty so he still has a spare.

                  Point is, there are definitely shops that stand behind what they sell and will make sure that you get back up and running as quickly as possible without having to possibly wait on a manufacturer delay.