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    Originally posted by lockout View Post
    I am certainly not an expert but I have been able to get a sharp edge on my knives using a KME knife sharpener. I also use it on my broadheads.
    The KME, Work Sharp Perfection, Wicked Edge and even my $20 (about 20 years old) Lansky, like all of the stick sharpeners, work great.

    I only have two dislikes in them. Some of them are extremely overpriced in my opinion and I don’t like the ones that need to be clamped to a table.


      Originally posted by M.LUNA View Post
      I have several of these and I use them on a variety of knives it is hands down the quickest and easiest edge I have put on multiple knives. Combined with the leather strap after a few passes you can cut air with your knife. I keep one in my hunting pack.
      I actually have several Rada brand knives and use these on all of them. I also use the Rada sharpener on other knives but I don’t have any $200 chef knives. I do not use one on my pocket knives (use a Lansky) but I’m sure I could with good success. I understand why some people do not like them because they do take off some steel but certainly get most knives plenty good enough to use.




          Got one of the worksharp field sharpeners after seeing the posts here.
          quick and easy, like it so far


            Originally posted by BuckRage View Post
            I buy the stones on Amazon. They work pretty good. Tip is once finished using the grinding side flip to the steel side and drop the angle to the next level higher to knock the edge off. Example grind at 25 degrees and steel at 30 degrees. Made huge difference for me.

            Thanks! I reread directions and see I’ve been using the v-sharp wrong for 2 years.

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