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Michael Middleton
      Casey Morris
      Glenn Lemke

Cotulla, TX 

    January 1, 2001

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Brush Country Special:  The Return!


In our first "Brush Country Special" Live Hunt from Cotulla, Casey, David, Martin and I hunted a 740 acre property in LaSalle County for the first time in ten years.  We spent most of the first day of that hunt scouting for potential stand locations, and found a couple of promising spots.  As the weekend progressed, of course, we continued the scouting process, moved some stands, and marked others in the event of a return trip.

One of the areas we hunted last time was a Swivel Limb set up in a Live Oak tree overlooking a dry pond on the south side of the property.  Martin saw a couple of deer, including a spike along the south fenceline and a small eight point that fed on the lush, green grass of the pond.  Just to the north of the pond, along the dry creek bed, we had identified a fresh rub line on our original scouting trip, and had actually put a Swivel Limb high atop a tree to the north of the center rub.  On the last day of the hunt, upon inspecting the area again, there was another brand new rub on a tree right next to the southern-most of the trio of rubs, along with another just across the west interior fence along a small draw that entered the finger area. 

Martin had actually heard the buck making the new rub on the last morning's hunt, but was not able to see the buck from his position in the Swivel Limb (marked with the "x" in the photo above, just south of the dry tank).   Before we left, I identified and mentally noted a trio of tall, straight trees overlooking the fresh new rubs, as well as the fence crossing the deer were using from the western draw. 

Last weekend in Encinal while I was hunting from my Gametamer tree stand, I decided that it would be perfect positioned atop the trees overlooking the rubs.  I retrieved the stand before I left the ranch, and made a quick stop by the Cotulla property to hang the stand in its new position, and with the help of my wife and kids, we trimmed shooting lanes toward the fence crossing to the northwest at 15 yards, to the southeast rubs at 10 yards, and the north crossing toward the other rub at 20 yards. 

With the food plot on the neighboring property, as well as the narrow "Finger" providing a travel route from  the southeast to the water source on the tip of the finger, and the draw funneling the deer into the "Finger" from the west, this seems to be an ideal location for deer activity.  You can bet I'll spend some quality time in the area hoping to prove myself right!

I also pre-set a Swivel Limb last weekend back at "The Point" where Casey saw several deer, including a quality eight point, on our first hunt.  The mesquite tree picture below already has shooting lanes cleared, and a Swivel Limb can be mounted and positioned with ease the morning of the first hunt. 

Two ICE Blinds, including my new Brush Country Special, custom made for in the Brush Country Camouflage Pattern, and a couple of Strong-Built 7' tripod stands will round out our arsenal of hunting blinds.  Each can be set up "on the fly" if we are able to pattern deer in other areas. 

Check back soon for exciting details from Saturday morning's hunt, and follow along for the entire weekend as we again attempt to outsmart a South Texas trophy buck!