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Conducted on a 7,000 acre ranch in Webb County.  Outfitted by Jerry Gonzales - (956) 206-4075

Jerry Black
David Simmons
Glenn Lemke
Rick Hale
Dave Inbody
Steven Leggett
Ben Stovall
Casey Morris


March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2002

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Webb County Group Hog Hunt


Ever since deer season had closed, David Simmons and I had kicked around the idea of getting a hog hunt together.  When attempting to decide on a location, I decided to run it by my friend Jerry Gonzales.  He was in town on business so I invited him over to the house for a visit.  He and his buddy Mike Mireles came over and we chatted while working on Jerry's new bow.  After a couple of quick questions, Jerry was convinced he knew the time and place that we should schedule our hunt.  In a few days, he called back with good news.

Jerry had secured us a hunt on a large south Texas property that had had virtually no hog hunting pressure.  A couple of conversations with the land owner set the wheels in motion and we started gathering hunters.  The group listed on the left of this page was finally assembled and we made our plans to head to the brush country of Webb County.

Following this page are the accounts of the events that transpired the weekend of March 2nd.  The hunt was outstanding.  I'm certain you'll enjoy the stories, pictures and videos captured over the weekend.