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PSA 6.5 Grendel Vs Ruger SFAR

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    PSA 6.5 Grendel Vs Ruger SFAR

    After going around and around and around I am stuck between these two options for a dedicated nighttime rifle. Optic will be a sightmark wraith 4k mini.

    The 6.5 Grendel is about $500 cheaper but I am quite concerned with ammo availability. While the wolf FMJ seems readily available online the Hornady SST 123gr are the only round I have found available since shopping very hard. And not a single local shop has anything available. Additional the 123gr SST have had suspect accuracy reports and that is a big deal breaker for me.

    There is no doubt the .308 will hit significantly harder within the range of the 2x sightmark scope at night. I already have a .308 so I have ammo. Accuracy is hit or miss but at least there are more ammo options available to find a load the rifle likes. And most reports are 2moa range or better which I think I can live with. Ammo is also cheaper.

    Could build a palmetto PA-10 but they are 3lbs heavier although I have had outstanding accuracy with them in the past.

    Which way would you go and why?

    Never heard of accuracy issues with the sst's. My ar shoots moa with sst's and eldm's. In fact same poi with both.


      I've hunted pigs with both calibers using the thermal. I thought the 6.5 was a bit light in the butt for bigger pigs. The 308 was too heavy to tote around. The Ruger I handled felt a lot lighter and handier, but pricey. I now have the thermal moved to the 350 legend. 180 grain bullets, reasonable price for ammo, and ammo you can actually find were the justification. I sold the fat pig of a ,308.


        I run 6arc and 6.5 Grendel with pulsar trail lrf2’s. I run nothing but sst’s out of the Grendel and have not had any accuracy issues whatsoever. And I’ve ran atleast 3cases of sst’s since January. Gibsons’s had a ton at one point and I bought several cases of it. Also use them out of a ruger American and they’re are absolute tac drivers. I too have heard that the sst’s were not accurate but from my experience it leaves many unanswered questions. Only thing I can think of is possibly bad batch earlier in production.


          Running a 30 cal can so 350 is out of the question.

          Gibson’s had the best price of the SFAR so not sure I was thinking 6.5 when I was over there. No desire to jump into an ultra light 308 ar or does arc and Grendel do what you need?


            I have an m5 aero 308 I built with the intention of taking it out and thermal hunting off a tripod but the weight and size just keep me from even considering it. Up until now I haven’t felt the need to switch calibers. The 6arc does as well as the Grendel night hunting. I’ve shot up to 6 hogs in one set gut shot and all never felt like I was undergunned. For what it’s worth some of the largest hogs I’ve ever killed have been south of weatherford in the brazos river bottoms and pecan orchards and even then my first shots normally drop them. When they start getting further out is when grazing wounding happens more. I use a tripod and ball head setup but even then I try to stay within 150 at night and it’s served me well. I’ll stalk them to 20yds often. The one thing I appreciate the most of the 6arc and Grendel is the repeatability I have gotten use to when shooting 10-15rnds in one set.


              I have a Grendel, shoots the SST's fine, no problems with accuracy or performance. It has done great on some big pigs. I was concerned at first but have been impressed so far.


                i bought an sfar 16" . 6.8lb! $1040 ordered from a local shop ... took a month to get it but the price was right...

                I love it! killed many pigs already .. i put a 1.5x4 firedot leupold on it to keep it light .

                so far only one pig ran off , and i found it the other day in heavy brush as the smell got bad .. he had only made it 30 yards ...

                recoil is nill ... way less than my previous palmetto and 2 to 3lbs lighter.

                for the record, i have a grendel too , i just don't shoot it that much ... got it on trade and never really caught on for me...

                this weekend i walked 1/2 mile to the blind and back with the sfar .. trying to sneak on pigs being quiet ... it never bothered me carrying it like an ar 10 would have ... and 100% reliable so far ..


                  I would go SFAR route. Grendel ammo and bullets selection is very limited. Doesn't matter if you reload, components are hard to find. You should be able to find one for around 1k and you'll have plenty of ammo options.


                    I have a PSA 6.5 Grendel and so does my buddy. I shot out to 500 yards a couple weeks ago, in Childress cross wind, with a 3-9x BDC scope. Windage calls were challenging to say the least. I hit 3/5 shots in a paper plate with 123 SST.

                    My buddy shot his PSA Grendel with ELD-M (black ammo) out to 800. Same wind but he has a better scope. He hit 3/8 shots with most being pretty close.

                    I’ve never heard of the SSTs being inaccurate. Is the Cartridge a little light for huge boars? Probably. My girlfriend shot a pretty good size boar in the shoulder at about 160 yards and it ran about 50 yards. Entry into the chest was quarter size, after going through the shield, but didn’t exit the chest. Lungs were both soup. (Rifles in the picture is not the Grendel)

                    I think the bullet selection is its Achilles heel. That’s improving and there are some monos out there if you reload. I’m going to start working up a load for cavity back bullets and see how I like them.

                    I have no experience with the SFAR but it seems really cool. I just don’t want to spend that much money.
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                      Ive never heard of the 6.5 sst ever being inaccurate. Bullet selection really pigeon holes all grendel shooters TBH. I wanted one but decided on a .30cal Hamr.


                        I bought a 6.5 Grendel AR before Covid thinking it would be great for my son who is short statured. I was at the Houston Livestock Show when everything shut down, went straight to my local Academy and bought some ammo. I wish I bought more because I can't find it anymore at the local sporting goods store. I think it is a great round but may need to move up to something else. I can find plenty of 6.5 Creedmoor and 350 Legend but don't have a rifle chambered for those.


                          I’m a big fan of PSA. But like you’ve found, Grendel ammo is nearly instinct. I have a PSA 308 that shoots factory 175 SMKs in 1/2” groups. It makes it so easy, 500 yards is boring.


                            We have shot pigs well into the hundreds over the last few years with the Grendel and SSTs, as well as a dozen deer or so. I have NEVER had an animal go over 30 yards with even a decent shot. Inside 200 yards, the Grendel is a flat out killer! I just ordered parts for another one to be thermal dedicated.

                            Ammo could be more available, but I’ve found it easily enough over the last few years. Bought 50 rds last week.

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                              How many rounds are you looking for? 100, 200, 1K?

                              Ammo can be found online. However, most is Hornady Black 123 BTHP, Hornady Black 123 ELD-M, and occasionally some sort of 123 SST.

                              Definitely many more options if you go 308.

                              Looks like 6arc has a strong following with ammo on most every academy I’ve gone to in the last 2 months.