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E filing wait on suppressor ?

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    I picked up mine last month. 240 days total. E File Trust


      You can always call or email the ATF, that is what I did. I had a homemade can waiting for approval and the lady told me that my YHM machine can was also approved. I called the Suppressor shop, and the guy said no way, to early. He called me the next week and said come and pick it up. This was a couple of years ago, homemade can took about six months and the YHM took about 9 months. I am thinking maybe the homemade can might had pushed the other can since it was a trust, because it was on the same account.


        Man I am trying to forget about this. It is getting old for sure!
        I bought this as a Bogo deal from silencerco on Dec 30th 2021!
        I bought my main suppressor that was in stock at Defender Outdoors in Ft. Worth.
        At the same time I did all the paper work for the .22 bogo can..I thought!. They didn't tell me that Silencerco had to send the .22 to them in Ft.Worth. until they got it at the store they couldn't finish and file all the paperwork.

        Well on May 29th they called and said my paperwork had come in and I could get the Harvestor. That was cool only about 150 days. I went on the 30th. Thought I was getting both. That's when they told me the .22 had to get to the store to file. I left with my Harvester. On June 3rd they called and said the .22 had come in. I went back 75 miles and signed some thing and they filed it.
        Well, still no .22 Bogo. So it's been 240+- days since it arrived at the store. It's been 400+- days since I bought it.


          E filing wait on suppressor ?

          Originally posted by DWV015 View Post
          205 days today (e-file) ........ I was pretty excited when I ordered these back in the summer when it was taking under 120 days to get approved. Oh well I guess. Another 60 days and it will be the same as my paper form approval time 2.5 years ago.

          I hope mine will be ready in 205 days. I’ll be ordering a new can every month or every couple months so I have them all start rolling in before hunting season hopefully. I’ve got a Hyperion K now and just ordered a primal 2 weeks ago.

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            Purchased stamp and can as a BOGO deal 12/30/2021
            The bogo can arrived at the store from silencerco 5/4/22. Finished paper work up and filed.
            Can got to store 3/2/23!!!