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Rust questions.

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    Rust questions.

    I found 2 barrels and they were coated in a light layer of rust. They both had Dirt Dobber nest in them.

    My question is are they still good? I wonder what can be used to get the rust off/out of them? Does any one know of something I could soak them in?

    I have access to a lathe and can polish them but, the inside of the barrel is my big concern.

    These are Shilen <sp> barrels and I hate to see them go to waste.

    Will they good and accurate after cleaning them up?

    Thanks in advance!

    I would think that a good solvent and brush cleaning would do the job inside the barrels, followed up with a good oiling.
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      If ya got rust the bores are pitted...all you can do is shoot them & see.

      I've seen bores that look like gator skin shoot really well on occasion, but only when they are dirty...clean them & they open back up.



        0000 steel wool and lots of oil will get the surface rust off and not damage the bluing. I've used it for plenty of guns that were stored improperly. Evaporust is always an option but that will take off any bluing. After that you just have to shoot it and see.

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          You can use 0000 steel wool dry so that you can get all of the metal hairs off easier afterwards. And then oil them.


            what caliber and length ? you could plug one side and fill them up with corrosion X for a few days .. drain and run patches and see if it comes back shiny ..


              I was told to soak them in Apple Cider Vinegar and it would get rid of the rust.

              Anyone ever heard of this?


                Vinegar will eat rust and metal. I’ve used it successfully and cleaned it really well afterwards. I’ve also completely ruined a 41mag revolver by leaving it in a tub of vinegar overnight and the internals completely rusted through until there was nothing left but the stainless frame. That was fun.