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Photo Contest Rules

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    Photo Contest Rules

    1. We will have 1 thread, located in the Photography Forum for photo submissions.

    2. Entries are restricted to 1 per participant. If you post more than 1 on the thread you are automatically disqualified for that month's competition.

    3. I'll start it off by picking a theme for the remainder of this month. Pictures must be submitted by midnight the last day of the month.

    4. By the 5th day of the following month a winner will be chosen by the previous month's winner.

    5. The person whose picture is chosen will then select a topic for the following month's assignment.

    6. The person in charge of one month will then select a winner for that month. The winner from that month will then select a topic for the following month. We will repeat this rotation from month to month, but the winner of one month will not be eligible to be the judge the following month. In other words, you can't select your own photo.

    7. Critiques on ways to use lighting, shutter speed, composition and other factors to improve photo quality are accepted and encouraged. Hopefully participants will be open to constructive criticism and suggestions.

    8. If someone wants to use photoshop it is allowed, to the point the original subject and content has not been altered beyond reality.

    9. Lobbying for one's own photo is not necessary. Just post the pic and perhaps the EXIF information.

    10. Try to keep topics as outdoor-related as possible. Creative interpretation of topics is encouraged.

    Everyone get out and have fun. That is what this contest is all about.

    Is this where we post the architect pics?

    OK been reading this post and I Love phototaking, I now know when we post our Architect photography,but is it on this link? Thanks in advance.



      There will be a thread started to specifically post your photo's a couple of days before the contest is over....I believe the contest for this month ends on the 15th, so look for a thread about the 13th.


        Hi, I'm sure I'll sound stupid for asking this, but I tried to post my photo for this months contest and I was told I've maxed out my downloads for photos. I had posted some Easter photos last I need to delete that post so I can add my photo or is there another way to add photos without using up downloading space on this site.

        Thanks, Jennifer


          A couple of things to add to the rules for the process of the monthly contest.....

          1. Winner of last month's contest becomes the judge of the next contest, and he/she decides on a topic for the new monthly contest.

          2. He/she will post a Contest INTRO thread to announce the topic for the new contest.

          3. People can post any photos they have that fit that theme in the INTRO thread, just to show examples of prior photots that fit the theme. It's a good way to get the thoughts flowing and also a good place to show off pics from the past. Feel free to comment and discuss pics or ideas all you want on the INTRO thread.

          4. At some point, the contest judge will post an ENTRY thread for the current contest. This thread should be used for contest entry pics only - just one pic from each participant, and it must be taken during the contest period. No commenting or discussion on the ENTRY thread. The judge can post this ENTRY thread at any time during the contest month, but it is usually better to wait at least a few days after the INTRO thread is posted, just to avoid confusion between the threads.

          5 As soon as possible after the contest ends, the judge should pick a winner from the pics on the ENTRY thread. The winner will become next month's judge, and the process repeats......


            Thanks for briefing


              Has decembers topic been decided?


                photo contest

                Thanks for this! Love to share great shots of every kind.


                  October photo contest-lighting



                    Wow, just saw this thread started by Jaspro has a sticky after posting. RIP big guy!


                      Thanks for briefing