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    Discussion Forum Guidelines

    Discussion Forum Guidelines

    First and foremost, we request that users of this discussion forum obey the Golden Rule:

    * Show RESPECT for this website, this discussion forum, its users, moderators and administrators.

    Follow the Golden Rule and the rest is usually self explanatory. However, since further clarification is often necessary, here are some:

    General Guidelines

    1. No profanity or inappropriate photos/videos. If it’s questionable, then it’s inappropriate. Youth are the future of our sport so please keep this forum appropriate for all ages.

    2. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you are not mature enough to discuss controversial topics in a respectful manner or are oversensitive to disagreement, then avoid posting to such topics. Political discussions are prohibited on this site because they ALWAYS deteriorate into disrespect and name calling. Respectful college football discussions are currently permitted, but will be monitored closely. Any "smack" talk will result in the thread being closed with infractions given to those showing lack of respect to the site and its members.

    3. Be unique and constructive with your posts. Creating threads about emails, jokes, cartoons, videos, etc. really doesn’t add quality to the forum. To help eliminate forum clutter, use the Search Feature to see what topics have been discussed in length before or which off-the-wall picture has already been posted multiple times, etc. Threads may be removed, solely at the moderators' discretion, if we feel that it doesn't add value to the forum.

    4. Do not use the forum for personal communication. This also causes forum clutter. Email is much more suitable for personal communication.

    5. Do not use the forum for unapproved advertisement or spam. Solicitation directly in a post, with your username/avatar, within your signature, via Private Messages or even within your profile to a business, website or another discussion forum is not appropriate, especially if it conflicts with’s paying sponsors. This rule also applies to "Prostaff" members who may not use the forum to advertise supporting sponsors.

    If you have a situation that you feel is appropriate and does not conflict with TBH sponsors, then get approval from Michael before posting. This also pertains to group hunts if you are an agent for a non-sponsoring ranch or receiving a discounted rate or other benefit from booking hunters to a non-sponsoring ranch off of this discussion forum it is neither appropriate nor respectful of Michael and his paying sponsors.

    Furthermore, the Classifieds forum is intended for regular members to buy and sell personal items. It is not intended for commercial (i.e. Owners, Dealers, Representatives or anyone associated with businesses), nor excessive personal use. Any post appearing to be from a business, from a member that only posts in the Classifieds forum, or excessive Classifieds posts will be removed subject to the Moderator/Administrator’s judgment.

    The Classifieds are not to be considered an auction format. If you have something to sell, post it with a price. You can offer to entertain offers but we will not allow your classified post to stay if it becomes an auction situations. Trades are a bit different but we request that you post a range of value for trades in order to avoid "bidding wars".

    6. If you are posting a link to another site make certain the content of the linked site is appropriate. Also, linking to another discussion forum is discouraged.

    7. Post threads in their appropriate forum. If you have an item for sale, don’t post a thread in the general discussion forum directing users to your classified post. Discussions are broken into multiple topics to prevent forum clutter. Posting the same topic in multiple forums defeats this purpose.

    8. Please do not police items or pricing in the Classifieds forum. If the item is something you will not purchase at the sellers asking price, do not comment publicly. Feel free to cordially negotiate offline with the seller if you think their price is not appropriate.

    9. Choose your username and avatar/profile picture with care and keep it appropriate. Don’t create multiple profiles/aliases. Also, having a username or avatar that is a business name or website is a form of advertisement and is not appropriate.

    10. We reserve the right to remove any topics we deem inappropriate or disruptive to the discussion forum as a whole. In addition, threads may be deleted simply because a moderator feels that it doesn't add value to the forum. Please note that, from time to time, topics may be removed for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine. Please do not feel this reflects badly on you and do not take these actions personally. Furthermore, users may not argue a Moderator/Administrators decision publicly. If you have a question over what is appropriate or a complaint, direct it to a Moderator/Administrator via email. Although Moderator’s/Administrator’s decisions are almost always final, if further clarification is necessary, direct it to Michael . In any case, remember that this forum is brought to you free of charge courtesy of Michael and our sponsors. Both he and the Moderator/Administrators have full-time jobs and families. A reasonable amount of response time should be expected from inquiries.

    11. Fundraisers/Raffle/Benefit threads are not allowed unless specifically approved by the Administration.

    12. Remember that this is a public forum. Any messages you post will be available to the public for as long as this discussion board is online or even longer under internet archives. Please post carefully as once you have posted your message it is here to stay. We will not edit the content you wrote unless it does not conform to the forum guidelines. If we edit a post and you do not like the changes, we will delete the message at your request.

    13. Posting Private Messages on the Discussion Forum is not appropriate and will result in an infraction and possible ban.

    14. Also, remember you will get out of this discussion forum what you put into it. If you are always argumentative and only post to controversial topics, don’t expect members or Moderator/Administrators to welcome you with open arms nor be surprised when others respond back to you in the same manner.

    15. New user's will not be able to start threads or post url links until they have attained 5 posts. New user's will also not be able to view or utilize the Classifieds forum until they have been a member for 30 days and contributed a minimum of 30 posts.

    Violations of any of these guidelines or other inappropriate activity can result in infractions of varying degree based upon the activity. Infractions can result in temporary or permanent bans based on their point factor. The following is the typical ban length time based on the infraction points accumulated:
    • 3 Points 5 Day(s)
    • 5 Points 2 Week(s)
    • 10 Points 1 Month(s)
    • 15 Points 6 Month(s)
    • 20 Points Permanent

    Please note these levels are "typical". We do reserve the right to permanently ban members as is deemed necessary on a case by case basis.

    Again, always keep in mind this amazing forum is provided to us because of Michael Middleton's generosity. Please be appreciative and respectful of that generosity at all times.
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