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    Originally posted by bowhuntntxn View Post
    I think the stronger argument is that several other states add the cost of the license and permits to the draw fees on the front end, and refund all but processing fees if the hunter is not drawn.

    That changes everything. It will make non residents pony up $300 + and residents add the cost of a hunting license at the time of applying. Since none of the draws occur before Aug. 15 the additional fee will purchase the license for the year only if drawn.

    Makes great sense to me. That will actually start making everyones accrued points actually have value, and show progress towards specific hunts.

    Thanks to the OP and Mr. Public for driving this

    Originally posted by Kevin View Post
    How many points did you have an what hunts and categories?


      Originally posted by wytex View Post
      Good for you all.
      Looking forward to the NR seta sides that guarantee us a licenses in your draws, much like other states do.

      Not every state requires a licenses to apply, Wyoming does not and we actually give more than the set aside quotas to NR for deer, elk and pronghorn.

      I disagree on the buying a license to apply but whole heartedly agree on limiting NR hunts awarded.
      You all may be more angry though if they decide to set aside some tags for NR. guaranteeing some NRs a hunt.

      Any of these drawn hunts on public land, federal land? If so then we have the same argument as some of you, I own that land just like residents of Texas, I should have a guarantee to hunt it. That is the argument going on with hunting and licenses on federal lands out West, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
      State lands, I lived there and paid taxes for years before moving, I should get some consideration for those hunts on state lands too as a NR.

      Actually I don't believe the argument I posted but did it to show the various arguments to be made.
      I do agree that NRs should pay more for the hunts though, some are very cheap and should not be that way for NRs.

      Thanks for the link, my comments are going in too.
      I have to admit watching Texas residents complain about NR's is kind of cringy when seen through the eyes of any of the Western state R's, especially places like Wyoming. The battle is constant out West and tough to manage. Here in Texas we just don't get that many NR's so it really isn't a huge thing I don't think except for maybe a couple of the exotic categories. I will say the federal lands we have here are all huntable by NR's though, for example Sam Houston NF, NR can just buy a license and go run around all they want... they don't even need a resident guide to do it, though I don't know if we have any federal wilderness areas.

      Originally posted by Javelin View Post
      I personally do not support out of state hunters having to pay for a license before they draw a hunt, to me for them to have to pay for a license on a hunt they may not (likely wont) draw is unnecessary. If they draw a hunt, then they buy a license is how I feel it should be, their license is already more than us residents. It isnt like non residents make up a very large percentage of draw hunt participants to begin with

      I would support non resident draw applications being more than resident, say double the price for them. So a $3 draw for us would be $6 for them
      I'd support requiring the license purchase if it's refunded when they don't draw. The price for the app is negligible and won't make a difference, if some guy from New York wants to go on a Nilgai hunt he's not gonna care if it's $3 app or $50 app. I think any argument to increase fees for public land access for anyone at all is folly, going down a bad road there if the answer is to always just up the price.


        I received a reply from Mr. Mote today. I didn't see anything in it that signifies any changes are forthcoming.

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          Ok, I got a reply today:

          "Dear Mr. Lost10mm,

          Thank you for your email requesting changes to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) drawn hunts program. We take all comments and suggestions from our customers seriously and recognize the important role that public hunters play in conservation.

          As stated in your email, the purpose of your recommended changes is to protect the hunting opportunities of native resident Texans. To clarify terminology used, “Resident” is defined in statute as an individual who has resided continuously in the state for more than 6 months immediately before applying for a hunting license. Non-resident is anyone who is not a resident.

          Historically and consistently, non-resident applications for drawn hunts comprise between 4-7% of all applications in a given year; a relatively small fraction considering the quality and diversity of hunts offered by TPWD statewide. Currently, the cost of a hunting license to hunt big game in Texas is 12.6 times higher for nonresidents than for residents ($315 and $25 respectively).

          Regarding anti-hunter’s potential for reducing resident hunter opportunity, TPWD is unaware of any instances of this occurring on any of our public draw hunts in Texas. For most of the draw hunts administered by TPWD, standby positions are available to fill positions that no hunter shows up for. If drawn, the hunter must have or purchase a current year’s hunting license, a Public Hunting Permit, and produce proof (if required) of having completed a hunter education safety course. These factors combined are likely the reason we have not experienced issues you mention in other states.

          As you requested in your letter, requiring applicants to hold a current year’s hunting license at the time of application is problematic based upon license sales dates and the timing required to offer, apply for, and execute early season hunts such as alligator, dove, pronghorn, and archery deer hunts, just to mention a few of the more popular categories. While almost any rule can be changed, there are reasons for the existing license sale dates, hunt application deadlines, and processes, many of which are intentionally designed to help make hunting in Texas a simple, affordable, and enjoyable experience.

          Thank you for taking time to voice your concerns and offer suggestions. Please know that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (Commission) and TPWD staff take very seriously our responsibility to manage this treasured public resource and the hunting heritage. We appreciate and value your continued support of our efforts.


          Kevin Mote, TPWD"


            exact reply I received from him also


              Originally posted by WildThings View Post
              exact reply I received from him also

              Me too

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                I've been in communication about him since then about a different issue. He seems like a decent enough guy. He's been very reasonable and willing to discuss things.