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What to include in your dream shop build?

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      Getting closer,

      Got the plugs in and Epoxy on floor. Need to do the LED 8 ft lights. But. I hate heights. So
      Renting a ditch witch for power from house as well as water line
      Waiting on Close cell quote

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        Not for everyone but we built a open space apartment above ours and rent it out, its paying for itself


          At the least an I Beam with a rolling hoist on it down the middle of one bay but depending on the size of the shop I’d add a couple if you have multiple doors. I spent the money and had beams put on the sides as well so the hoist can move in all directions. This can get pricey but worth every penny for lifting things out of the bed of your truck or working on things.

          I’d also make sure you have a full 200 amp breaker box so all the things you add after the fact will have the power to feed them. If you get a solid set up from the start you can add things as time goes by. Other thing that’s a must have for me is an AC system in the shop, I hate working in the heat these days


            Originally posted by bassmatt72 View Post
            A bathroom with a shower.

            chain hoist

            20gallon or larger air compressor, at least 40 feet of air hose

            heavy duty rolling floor jack

            2 shop fans

            multiple power outlets, plenty of lights

            2 exhaust fans


              Great speakers including a subwoofer


                Originally posted by Geezy Rider View Post
                Lots of outlets. Make sure you can run anything from normal power equipment to welders to campers.
                This is what im working on right now. 55x70 16 foot eqve height.

                Will be so glad when im done.


                  You will never say, I wish I had fewer outlets. Even overhead with retractable ext cords. Lots of lighting. Air hose drops from ceiling and walls. Make sure you add shut off valves on air hoses. Put drain valves as well below the lowest connection to drain water. If you can, do not use black pipe. Go copper for air lines. Larger diameter than needed. Exterior lighting and plugs. Center drains are great. Make it a trough style that runs the width of the shop. Cover with a metal grate. Over head hoist as mentioned. Walk through door. It is nice to not have to open up the roll up door especially in the winter. Snack bar equipped with moon pies. Bathroom with shower. Good TP. Hand washing station where you can get your whole arm into the sink. Equip the sink with an eye wash station as well.


                    its a never ending process, when building
                    so much to do, so many should of, coulda, and such... going start framing for the restroom, wife says add a shower, not sure the reason, perhaps a future living space for me when i get kicked out


                      Bathroom with shower
                      Large ice machine
                      Hunting/reloading/tackle room
                      Gas heater


                        I built a 100'x50'x16' walls with a 3/12 pitch roof. I added a 20' lean to on one of the 50' sides and came across front 25'.

                        I did 5-20' bays as opposed to 4- 25'.

                        Poured 25' of concrete at front so you can park anything on slab and not on gravel drive

                        I built an 800sq ft apt with kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with showers. Upstairs had a mezzanine over apt for storage. Went another 20' and made a trophy room / bar that is still in progress.

                        I sprayed 1-2" of Closed cell on everything metal. Came back in area of apt and put 4" of open cell so apt would be Insulated well. Put mini split in storage, AC in apt and separate AC in trophy room.

                        Tankless water heater.

                        Shop sink

                        2'x2' LED hi bay lights

                        2- 14'T x 10'W roll up doors

                        I put 400 amp service, 2- 200 amp panels in shop so I have plenty of power

                        I put 2 - 100' cord reels in shop that are electric so you just hit button and they roll up. Best money I spent.

                        I built cabinets for storage and put in 40' of metal whse rack to put pallets and bigger stuff on.

                        THINGS I WISH I DID

                        Hot water hose bib out side

                        Floor drain in shop, trust me, you'll wish you had one

                        Put in exhaust fan on end of building to move air in summer

                        Put in a door on back side to help move air

                        Put in beam for a hoist, plan on doing this summer

                        Made lean to 25' wide instead of 20'

                        I'm sure I'm missing some smaller stuff, but those are my dog's and misses

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                          Just a few pictures

                          I did cabinets on other wall of shop too. I ended up with (10) 3' wide and 8' tall cabinets for storage. Some have rods for hanging clothes which is nice for jackets, work shirts, pants stuff you need in shop.

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                            Tagging this post!! My house will be done within 30 days and fingers crossed the shoo will start soon after!


                              Bump to the top.

                              Thinking about adding a party barn/shop with option to add a bunk house down the road. would love to have man cave and outdoor kitchen as part of the barn.