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Michael Middleton

  Encinal, Texas

 December 29, 2001- January 2, 2002

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Post Rut Hunting in Encinal


I have really been anticipating this post-rut hunt at our family ranch just outside of Encinal since I scheduled it back in October.  It is a rare opportunity for me to get away from work for a five day hunt.  It took some negotiating with my family to pull it off, but after three straight weekends of Christmas celebrations with family and friends, I'm sure they were ready for a break, too!  

Unfortunately,  I wasn't able to hunt during the peak of the rut, which traditionally begins around December 12, or so.  However, if given the choice of one or the other, I actually prefer to hunt during the post rut/second rut.  We typically see more bucks during the week after New Year's day than we do during the peak of the rut, in part because the bucks are looking for any easy source of energy to restore themselves from the rigors of chasing the doe.  Strategically placed corn on a sendero often results in some impressive pictures and video, and with any luck, perhaps even a trophy buck on the ground!  One drawback, of course, is that sometimes the impressive bucks have broken tines, which significantly reduces the quality of the rack.  

My plan is to spend long hours hunting from my ICE Blind at two different locations on the ranch.  Depending on the deer activity, and also depending on if I'm joined on the hunt by either of my brothers, Martin and Mark, I may revise the plan as needed.

Get ready for some hot and heavy action!  Let the hunt begin!