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    Originally posted by DRT View Post
    You say that like 18 is close. 18 is definitely a shot experienced shooters make. Heck on foam 35 is achievable. But honestly even with a compound many, many of my kills were under 20 yards. I just set up close. For me bow hunting has ALWAYS been about how close I can get. Not how far I can shoot. Sure I practice long with both styles of bow. But I want to see their eye lashes when I shoot them. I've killed two bucks o er 30 yards. One this year during the doe and spike section. The other long ago in Missouri. But the compound kills aren't quite as satisfying.
    That said it's up to you what you want out of it. But as so many will tell you, when it does work out, you'll understand why it's hard to go back to a compound.

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    18 yards with a compound is a chip shot.

    It’s a fer piece with a trad bow.

    I think I’m up to 8 misses now. Shot under a pig at 12 yards then over one at 14. That one hurt as I waited for 45 min for him to get just right and then launched an arrow a foot over his back.


      Practice at 10 yards, shoot them at 10 yards. You will put your hands on a ton more of them if you do. Pigs are difficult to kill. Hollar if you need to talk. pick a spot!


        I’ve got an uncle giving me his old trad bow in a couple weeks. I can’t wait to get it going. I haven’t shot anything it a compound since I was a kid.