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Three under vs. split finger (Beginners Guide Volume I)

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    Very helpful! I’m new and don’t even have a bow yet. I really want a recurve now and just have been doing all the reading I can before buying. Any advice would be great!


      Shoot split most of the time. Will go to the Apache draw when shooting 10 yds and under, say turkey hunting.


        Tried 3 under when i was having trouble adjustig nocking point as i would torque the string too much with split. However when I first started as a kid i used split and thats what I've returned to.


          I switch back & forth from 3under to SplitFinger occasionally, and I don't have to do anything special (as in change the tune of my setup) to do it.

          Here's a tip :
          Always load the finger just below the arrow just before & as you release/loose.

          When shooting 3under, I load the index finger as I loose the arrow.

          When shooting SplitFinger, I load the middle finger as I loose the arrow. The top finger is only used as an aid to draw the bow, but is only along for the ride after that, and you basically wind up shooting two finger under with that top finger above the arrow for looks.

          You will get a crisper/cleaner release with this method, and will often find the setup easier to tune to your liking.



            I’ve mostly used three under. I found that with one over two under I would try to pinch the end of the arrow.


              I shoot split for my dual shelved recurve and 3 under for my takedown longbow. Shooting split finger, I have developed a callus on the outside/pinky side of my ring finger. I think I am seeing sporatically erratic flight from torqueing the string and overloading my ring finger. The Flemish loose is gonna get some string time...time to lop off a finger.


                Originally posted by FKFL View Post
                Very helpful! I’m new and don’t even have a bow yet. I really want a recurve now and just have been doing all the reading I can before buying. Any advice would be great!


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                  Split finger. Feel like I have more control over arrow and seems quieter to me.


                    I shot with three fingers, split for many years. I had multiple people tell me I would shoot more accurately with a release. I have finally switched to a release, I am not any more accurate with the release.

                    At one point years ago, I noticed that I was applying pressure, to the nock. Basically I noticed the finger above and below the nock, were being squeezed together by the string, so as I released, the tips of those two fingers were flipping the nock to the right, as my fingers cleared the string. At times, I noticed I had shots that I was sure went right, as a result of my fingers pulling or flipping the nock to the right.

                    My cure for this was to wrap the middle finger of my glove with a couple layers of leather. I wrapped the leather on that finger so that it was towards the base of my finger. So the leather did not hang up on the string as I released. The purpose of wrapping the leather around that one finger, was to hold the fingers apart. It helped quite a bit, to prevent my fingers from squeezing the nock, and prevented my fingers from flipping the nock to the right as they came off of the string.

                    It felt a bit odd, but did not bother me any. At the time, I was shooting a bow with low percentage of let off, then the bow was set to 70 lb. draw weight. The combination of 70 lb. draw weight with low let off, resulted in my fingers getting squeezed together tightly, causing them to grip the nock. Which caused my fingers, to some times flip the allow off of the rest to the right, as I released.

                    I tried three fingers under the arrow at the time, before I came up with wrapping the middle finger. To me with three fingers under the arrow, I could tell my fingers were low on the string and seemed like the bow was getting tilted downwards slightly, from my fingers being off center so much on the string. If I remember correctly, it did cause my shots to go very low, yes I could have resighted the bow, but it felt so awkward with my fingers that low on the string. I am sure I could feel the bow tilt in my left hand as I drew. It was not much but enough to feel odd and cause my shots to go low. But doing that also prevented my fingers from gripping the nocks, as I released.

                    I saw too many other guys draw bows with releases, then have the arrow drop off the rest. The only way they could get the arrow back on the rest was to let the bow back to rest. The put the arrow back on the rest, then carefully draw the bow again. When I shot with a glove, I was very good at just using my fingers to flip the arrow back up on the rest, while still having the bow at full draw. I am going to guess, that's why someone came up with the idea for the Whisker Biscuit.
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