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    Wore the VersaCarry all day today. Very comfortable, hit over 200 golfballs while wearing it. So far so good.


      Galco Holsters are very nice and keep it tight while doing work or climbing trees


        Received another Versacarry from a fellow TBHer and it fits and holds my 1911 perfect! Will try that for a couple of weeks. If I dont like it, then a shoulder holster is my next try.

        Thanx Calvin


          my personal opinion , i have over 2 dozen holsters and one brand beats them all !

          made in Texas too ... it's called the Garrett silent thunder... kydex on the outside , thin layer of smooth leather on the inside ...

          no clicking , no rub mark on pistol , adjustable retention ...

          the best analogy i can explain is like beaching a boat on a sandy beach.. glides effortlessly, then comes to a smooth but abrupt stop and holds tight ... then pulling out take a little initial force , then glides out like butter ...

          they are not cheap ,almost $100, but in my opinion they are the very best... i sometimes carry a hk p7 and there is absolutely no wear marks from this holster, and for those familiar, it's a heavy gun, and i don't even hardly feel it on.

          there are way cheaper options and that's why i have other brands, i can't afford to only have Garretts ... but it's bar none the best fitting holster i have.


            Thanx, have not heard of Garrett Holsters. Just checked them out.

            Thanx for the info, its been very helpful.


              I have multiple holsters for multiple situations. I have to be completely concealed at work, so I carry a smaller pistol (hellcat) with an IWB Kydex. Outside of work I carry a XDME with an OWB kydex for comfort. I found that carrying the bigger gun IWB is a little less comfortable, but a lot tougher to fully conceal. Outside of work I don't care if my shirt rides up or I have an imprint. I'm chunky, and an appendix rig is always uncomfortable to me.