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    Good luck Nolan, get a good one!!! Glad y'all could still go, make us proud!


      Dang it Bush, sorry y'all didn’t make the trip. I hope your son gets better soon. Like real soon.

      Robert, we expect pics and regular updates. Good luck!

      Gig ‘em! ‘90


        Thanks man, he's on the rebound Dr just said to give it time. Weird stomach bug, he never got sick or diarrhea, just lots of pain and nausea.

        I'll let Robert give the story, but shots were fired last night... no recovery. They are back at it this morning, and I'm anxiously awaiting a great report.


          Originally posted by robert.33805 View Post
          Sucks that JJ ain’t here. Cabin is comfy. Good call in accommodations Bush. Gonna go grab some breakfast and explore the area. Pictures coming later. Let me know if there’s something specific people want to know.
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          How was the hunt?


            Guess Robert is catching up at work this week. He shot one Saturday evening, but it ran late to some thick nasty stuff and was still alive. They waited a bit to let it die, but it was gone when they went in for it. Next morning, they saw a lot of animals but couldn’t seal the deal. Sounded like they really enjoyed the hunt, but came home empty handed. I haven’t heard if any of the other kiddos got anything, sounded like there weren’t many there.


              10-4, thanks for the re-cap