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James Daughtrey bow hunt

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    Originally posted by Quackerbox View Post
    Hunted turkeys there. 2 or 3 groups went north shore without a boat. The stuff by the office is easily done by truck

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    North Shore hunt is usually a separate draw from the rest of Daughtry hunts.

    Used to, you drove across the dam to get to the unit.


      Lost a mid 140s in 6 on archery hunt back in 2016. Hit him little too low. Saw bucks every hunt though. Hunted the mgmt hunt last year and killed a 7pt. They travel the drainages back and forth to the neighbors.
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        ^^^ I remember that hunt. I passed a low 130's 9 on the first afternoon and never saw a better deer but had one on camera at night.

        Had a great time out there as I have on all the TPWD hunts I've been on.


          I’m Still sick about it to this day.


            Hey brotha I live here and have a gator tail if you need to be taken anywhere on that lake lmk


              What Mule Skinner said. I hunted compartment 4 in the past. I did not kill but saw a lot of animals. Do not worry about bass boats, duck hunters, or the neighbors. A lot of people put in for this hunt and do not get drawn. It could be tough hunting. Just go hunt. If have any questions, feel free to PM me.