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    Bobcat # 3 for me
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      Nice cat. What bait are you using?

      Got another young female coyote.


        Coyote pee and a coyote gland lure

        No bait on that one


          Nice cat BT.
          We did some beaver trapping over the weekend with no luck. Spouse finally found their active ponds and dams, more traps out this weekend.

          Auction results for Canada, FHA fur auction house.
          We'll have 3 bobcats in the June auction and hope they bring at least average prices for our Western cats, lynx cats.

          Click image for larger version

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            FHA fur auction was this weekend and this morning.
            Our 3 bobcats did ok, we made $1378.
            Beavers brought us $70.
            Coyotes were down but we knew that, $18 for 2 ,lol.

            Getting a nice cheque from Canada. Looks like the bobcats paid for our hunting licenses this year.


              Not bad considering the current market


                Dang bobcats are that much more than everything else?
                that is a good pay day.


                  Been doing some control work. Not fun trapping in 100 deg. + temps. Changed up a few things and really started having some success on summer coyotes and a few bobcats. Started using liquid baits one being mouse oil. Ants don’t bother it and I caught 2 coyotes and 1 bobcat off the same reset.

                  anybody doing any summer trapping?


                    I can't imagine getting out in that heat anymore, I'm a real wuss now for it.

                    Big trapping seminar coming up in Wyoming if anyone wants a road trip. $20/day admission but well worth it.

                    Coyote Days put on by John Graham, Aug 16 & 17 in Lusk, Wyoming
                    2 days of seminars on trapping and fur put up.
                    Several vendors will be there as well.

                    Coyote Days 2024 Demos

                    8 A.M John Graham –WY Coyote Trapping/Snaring ADC work
                    9 A.M. Brandy James- OR Snaring and Mountain Lion ADC work
                    10 A.M. Larry Bowden- SD Bobcat Trapping
                    11 A.M. **** Pederson- WY Bobcat fur handling
                    12 A.M. Dan Krogman –SD Snaring and Predator Insight
                    1 P.M. John Barnum- OR Avoiding Bobcat misses
                    2 P.M. Arvin Bros. – IN East VS. West Canine Trapping
                    3 P.M. Brad Troftgruben- WY Coyote ADC Methods
                    4 P.M Terry Thompson- MT Beaver by the truckloads
                    5 P.M. Bill Ilchik & Joel Blakeslee- NV Bobcat trapping Nevada Style

                    7:30 P.M. ROUNDTABLE Discussion---Ask questions of the demo presenters and get in on the discussions (Do NOT miss this)
                    8 A.M Chris McAllister - SD Coyote ADC work
                    9 A.M. Les Johnson – NE Coyote Calling
                    10 A.M. Mike Ross- MT Wolves vs Coyotes, differences and similarities
                    11 A.M. Todd Fairchild – CO Bobcat fur handling
                    12 A.M. Travis Chilton - SD ADC Trapping/Snaring Coyotes
                    1 P.M. John Sullivan- NV/MT/AZ Bobcat trapping Locations & Logistics
                    2 P.M. Al Olson – SD Bobcat Trapping
                    3 P.M. Phil Brown- PA Thinking Big Numbers
                    4 P.M. Tracy Truman – NV Finding BOBCAT locations
                    5 P.M. Boone Liane- SD Coyotes A-Z

                    BANQUET—(6:00 Happy Hour) 7:00 w/Speakers, Fur Fashion Show, and Auction​