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    Originally posted by brianlg31 View Post
    I’m late to the party but I did it! Walked into Live Oak Archery in College Station and they hooked me up with a Phase 4. Can’t say enough about the staff, they were very helpful and patient with me. Answered all my questions and made a few great suggestions.

    To say this is an upgrade is a vast understatement! I went from a 20 year old Drenalin to the Phase 4. Put a HHA single pin and Hamskea epslion rest and beestinger stabilizer (had to save a penny). Man this thing shoots like a dream! I can not get over how quiet and smooth it is. Still working on sighting in the single pin, the wind is heck on a big guy at 60yds Lol but on the calm days I am getting close to getting the group I want. Can’t wait to draw blood with it.
    Congrats & Good Luck with it.


      Shot the omnia and phase 4 29 side by side on Friday. Walked out with the phase 4. Was a no brainer in terms of feel. Shot an elite energy 32 for the last few years, so I wanted to like the omnia better. Unreal quiet and stable.


        One of the smoothest and shock free bows I've ever shot. I've shot Hoyt since the 70's, and many others, but mostly Hoyt. Still have a Carbon Spyder Turbo that I love, but got the bug and narrowed it down to the Phase 4 29" and the VTM 31. Basically a flip the coin decision, but the Phase 4 has nearly 0 hand shock and is extremely quiet. A real joy to shoot and I can't wait to try it out on some pigs. I haven't heard about any tuning issues with the new limb setup.