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case for quiver with arrows in it?

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    case for quiver with arrows in it?

    does anyone make a case specifically for holding a quiver with the arrows in it?

    Obviously I could just take the arrows out and put them in an arrow case but I prefer not to have to move them back and forth in the dark if possible so was just curious if anyone knew of anything like this. I wasn't able to find anything doing a google search. Thanks

    SKB Hunter model or just about any soft sided case.


      I have a new Rigid bow case. The quiver and arrows will fit into the arrow compartment on the outside but what I wanted was a smaller hard case that the quiver would fit into that I could slide into the arrow compartment just for extra protection. I may just get a piece of foam to put around the arrows inside the bag to hold them steady.


        I have an SKB hunter and I just take my quiver off my tightspot and set it behind the bow.

        I did have to cut some foam to make it work, but it shuts without smashing my vanes.

        It also has enough clearance that I can shut it with it attached.

        Beats the heck out of having my bow flop around during boat rides!


          I have a new Rugid bow case( which has a large arrow pouch on the outside. I wanted something to protect the fletching when I put the quiver with the arrows in it in the soft arrow pouch and then drive around on rough terrain on my atv. Apparently nobody makes such a thing so I made my own.

          Bought at 2.5ā€ x 6.5ā€ x 9ā€ hard case w foam inserts on amazon.
          Cut out the foam around fletchings and slotted to hold arrows in place.
          Cut opening in one end for arrow shafts to go through.
          Now Iā€™m going to use double sided gorilla tape to hold it securely in place on one end of the pouch.

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