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KCA Ranch. A Work in Progress.

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    KCA Ranch. A Work in Progress.

    I know that "Ranch" is a strong word for 21 acres but "farm", "acres", "property", and "big yard to mow" just didn't seem to fit.

    For those that don't know...KCA is a term I learned from my fellow TBH'ers when I went through 3 bouts of colon cancer and beat it with the support of friends, family, and TBH.

    Kicking Cancer's A#@

    I have been cancer free for 2 1/2 years now and life is good. I told my wife that I didn't want to wait too long to fulfill our dream of owning property.

    So about a year ago we started looking seriously. Thanks to the Texas Veterans Land Board we were able to afford 21 acres in Leon County. It took a lot of searching, saving, and disappointment until the right place came along. others have done I wanted to start a thread to document our progress on the place. I know next to nothing about a lot of stuff that I should know to fix up and maintain a place. So I'm hoping to get some valuable advice from TBH on simple things like repairing barbed wire, building bridges, food plots, ponds, etc.

    Basic description:

    21 acres of mostly wooded terrain that is somewhat hilly. Big creek bottom through the middle of the property. Land is high at the front, slopes down to the creek, then goes high in the back. Smaller neighbors on the sides (about 5 bordering properties anywhere from 12 to 35 acres) and one very large property along the back side. We are at the dead end of a private road.

    Two spring fed creeks. One smaller one runs into the larger one which bisects the property.

    RV pad with septic, electric, water.
    Two buildings. A well house that is big enough to live in. 750' water well. A small 10x12 cabin that will be a bunk house for family.

    We made our first trip after Christmas and just got back yesterday.

    Thanks to Andy Glass (TBH'er boogieandbride) for hauling my camper and helping to get it set up. THanks to TBH'er Stan R for helping with the septic (nice pvc system instead of the rv hose).

    Here's some pics.

    Our first fire on the place....

    Nothing says home like septic...

    My custom designed redneck porch...

    Party pad...

    My "thinkin' spot" on a sand bar...

    THe back of the property has a beautiful clearing with some big old oaks...

    Deer crossing with fresh tracks. My first trail camera on the place is pointed at that crossing:

    And this is what I have been dreaming about for years. A place to sit, reflect, worship, give thanks, hold hands with my wife, and watch kids and grandkids have fun....

    [ame=""]Creek 2 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Centerville creek - YouTube[/ame]
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    GUNA BE GREAT!.....Bet the blood pressure has already dropped....


      Man that's awesome on so many levels. Congrats you deserve it.




          Very nice Sir!


            One of the best threads I have ever read on TBH!



              Congrats on the property! Looks like a great place to enjoy the rest of your long life and making memories. Enjoy!


                Very nice and we'll said. Blessings to you my friend.


                  Congrats on the dream place. Nothing like unlocking the gate on your own place.


                    Great pics Bobby! Congrats on the Ranch.

                    My son killed his first deer last week on 50 acres my dad bought about 5 years ago. My dad was beaming that my sons first deer came from "our" ranch. I am sure you will have a ton of memories from this place.


                      I want one! Congrats


                        Congrats, looks awesome


                          congrats, great looking ranch


                            Congrats to you and yours Bobby!! Livin the dream sir!


                              Originally posted by Heath View Post
                              One of the best threads I have ever read on TBH!


                              totally agree!