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Auto paint on a budget?

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    Originally posted by yaqui View Post
    Anyone ever try vinyl wrap? I am in the same boat as GoldenEagle.
    The cheapest I found in my area was $3000 for a basic wrap.


      Go to tractor supply and get the rustoluem tractor paint. Its $70 a gallon. You can use a sprayer or god forbid a roller. I had a long wheelbase daycare van that had a rusty roof. Did a light sand, rust converter primer, and then rolled and brushed on 2 coats heavy on the roof. It isnt perfect but its the roof. Theres a guy on youtube (always is)that talked about using this paint for his budget minded customers. It worked for me but if i was doing yours id use a sprayer.


        I purchased a jeep that needed the full doors redone and a while I was at it waned to fix a small spot on the windshield frame. I was thinking just do the welding and body work myself and have a shop spray it....I was shocked considering there was zero tapeing. I just wanted to bring in the stripped doors and stripped widow frame in to be sprayed. So I just went down and had the color match done and got a cheap spray gun. I picked a good dry still day ran a sprinkler for about a hour and shut it off to keep dust down and sprayed it myself. Other than getting in a bind and needing the wife to grab and mix paint once they turned out well. I would suggest a one step paint vs a clear coat. The clear coat can be a little tricky but still can be done. We didclear coat because that matched the factory the best.