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    Originally posted by justletmein View Post
    I haven't touched any weights for a good year, about 6 mo ago my left elbow developed a constant pretty bad ache followed shortly by my right elbow but it's less bothersome. I don't think I did anything to injure them but left has gotten pretty bad. Fast forward to now and I'm trying to pickup the weights again and man that elbow is making it tough. I power through it but it absolutely effects my lifts and form.

    Anything I can do at home without seeing the doc, assuming it's tennis elbow? I don't go to the doc unless I think I'm dying and this won't kill me.
    I’ve had it bad some years and some years I don’t have any issues. I notice it more when I’m around 215lb to 220lbs and lifting heavier and doing pull-ups at that weight.


      I was playing a lot of racquetball and golfing several years ago and my right elbow was about destroyed. The band helped a lot but it took just not doing anything to really heal it.


        I had the same problem hitting golf balls with an iron on a crappy range. Solid ground no turf. Doctor said quit that and use this band. Quickly got over the situation.

        Been lifting for 45 years and no elbow pain ever
        (shoulder problems from military lifts behind my head as a dub kid)

        Good luck.