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    Originally posted by Burntorange Bowhunter View Post
    I was referring to all time program ranking stats you doofus. Lol.

    Ahhhhh.... So now we cherry pick which stats. Ok, LSU set the all time jello shot record at Rocco's. LSU - 68,888 shots. Second Place - Wake Forest - 7,622.

    Now! That is a record to be proud of!


      Originally posted by Snapperhead94 View Post

      When are you going to say Pierce needs to be fired?
      Don't have to. You can't get it out of your head and keep bringing it up for us. I'm not a Pierce fan. He missed some opportunities in the supers that cost Texas a lead late in the final game.


        Originally posted by elgato View Post
        Just walked into house from OMAHA. What an epic ride that was!!! Incredible highs...then lows...then highs. The town and stadium was an Ocean of purple and gold everywhere. I was sitting next to the biggest part of FLa. last night and they were a bit cheeky ...for about 2 innings. Then it got really fun! Great experience
        Hated that I missed you! We will have to get that drink sometime soon. Geaux Tigers! Glad you got to see the final W!


          Ross Dellenger on Twitter: "Here’s the letter former texas coach Augie Garrido sent #LSU coach Paul Mainieri after the Tigers beat his Longhorns in the 2009 CWS. Mainieri took a photo with him at that CWS. This now hangs in Mainieri’s home." / Twitter​

          Coach Augie letter to Coach Paul.


            Very cool, classy move by Coach Garrido. Looks like both teams are loading up for another strong season. Horns could be very salty!


              Originally posted by eradicator View Post

              Yes, we know..........this is Texas' year
              It's baseball so it could be.


                Mainaeri seems like one of the rare baseball coaches who can also carry on a human conversation, much like Augie was. So many of them are robots, and cliche machines, it's nice to hear when they have some real personality. That post game with Mainaeri and the pitcher who told him he could hit, then hit a bomb, is one of my favorites. Sarloos at TCU can be a character too.