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    The pitchfork is mld and a lot of they’re pastures don’t have enough buck tags for every spot. A company had a lot of spots and got tired of paying for spots and not having enough tags. I’d pay 8k for a lease but not for that place.


      Some of these prices are mind boggling. I lost my lease two years ago and probably just need to sell all my gear. 5k plus a yesr to hunt is crazy. I make a pretty good living but doing something wrong. Is a shame, but if folks willing to pay I sure wont hate on landowners to take advantage. Ridiculous.


        Originally posted by TX_Kevin View Post
        I called this guy and he hung up on me. Here's what he told me:

        Part of a 6300 plus acre ranch. No doe. 1 good buck 4 1/2 years or older, and one trash buck of 5 points or less - regardless of age. All the pigs you want too. Dove are ok. There are ponds with fish, but no fishing. There is electrical but no water. They rotate cows through so they won't be there consistently, maybe once a month. Closest towns are Lampasas and Watson.
        Access is from Sept 1 through the end of the season, and you can come once a month on a weekend to tend to blinds and fill feeders and such.

        When he hung up on me he ended any relationship we might have had. To heck with him. You make your own choice.
        Saved me a dime for the call too.




            Originally posted by BobbyJoe View Post
            what was the reason for him hanging up on you?
            In my opinion, the dude was a jerk. He wasn't nice at all. He pretty much barked at me the whole time.


              I am actually looking for something smaller. Less than 300. Myself and my grandson. He is a good sized 10 year that totally enjoys deer hunting and hog hunting. His father, which is my son will be present but not a hunter. He just knows what it takes and wants to be involved with the likes of his son. We can add another hunter if need be. I am a retired HS Coach so we can spend time working on roads, fences, or cabins if that is needed. The Hill Country area is where we would like to begin. Whitetail, Axis, and Hogs. Please call me or send a text message. 210-289-1515 Coach Joe Thank you


                Looking for a small acreage lease for my son and myself
                Looking for a small acreage place (75-150 ) acres around Fredericksburg, blanco , stonewall,Johnson city, Harper, for my son and myself to hunt and spend time together outdoors, not looking to fill all our tags or shoot trophy animals just some place to take a couple deer each year for the freezer and to spend time together camping, filling feeders, mending fences or whatever needs attention! Please PM me if you have or know of anything.


                  I have a group of 4-5 looking for a place within 3 hours of DFW. Feel free to call or text 940-206-1052.


                    From FB
                    “”” Do we have anybody that would be interested in 10,000 acres In Ozona? It’s got camp beds some blinds and feeders. If interested text me at 281-300-6749. Steve Williams”””


                      Originally posted by txoutdoorsman24 View Post
                      From FB
                      “”” Do we have anybody that would be interested in 10,000 acres In Ozona? It’s got camp beds some blinds and feeders. If interested text me at 281-300-6749. Steve Williams”””
                      FYI - Steve Williams is a broker and not the land owner


                        ���� new lease available

                        Gray county near Pampa Tx

                        If you’re looking for a great lease this is it .

                        3840 acres of native ranch lands rolling hills with brushy draws. Live creek with tall thick trees and lots of water holes. Sage brush sand hills and chin oak brush.

                        Loaded with deer , pigs , turkeys, predators, dove . Also great fishing.

                        Has not been over hunted , bring you own equipment, blinds and feeders .

                        Lodging available. Working on lodging at the moment hoping to get ready soon. Rv hookups with water and electric available for a backup until lodging is ready .

                        Looking for small management minded group, potentially long term .

                        $40,000 a year
                        6 guns total family friendly.

                        References available contact 806-664-2450 for questions or to come look.




                            Available turkey lease.
                            My place is 1045 acres, I have a 40 acre wheat field on the place, several ponds. Looking for a couple of hunters for a total of 4 gobblers. Several corn feeders on the ranch you can use, you supply corn. Price is $2500 total for the ranch for Spring turkey season only. Lodging available i...


                              Gonna follow this one. Think I've had enough of public and would like to find the right lease.


                                Hunting lease opportunity

                                ����1500 acres wheeler county Tx

                                Near shamrock

                                Some Nice Blinds and feeders furnished .

                                Great location , good cover , great campsite location with electric.

                                Deer , turkey, pigs, predators.

                                Several small ponds a couple have fish .

                                Looking for solid , established small group , family friendly.

                                28,000 a year

                                Contact me directly 806-664-2450 or fb messenger come look .