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    Originally posted by Death from Above View Post
    I dont this it is trashing the guy…many do not see what he is doing as hunting but rather shooting.

    On all of these paid hunts, the work (hunting) is done by someone else. Not a knock, just way it has to be when you only have a short window on a piece of property.

    I love to go shoot at First Point every chance I get lol
    Spot on. Anywhere you go in this country, even in TX, if you kill a good buck the perception is it was behind a high fence and it was a canned hunt. Heck most people, even a lot of texans, don't even know there is public land or anything other than high fenced pens.

    I could care less where he killed the buck, it's a nice buck, but just be genuine about it and everything is all good. Even though I think high fences are absolutely cheating


      Funny I saw his CJ post a couple of days ago and questioned to myself what many here have expressed with the legitimacy.

      Two years ago I made a comment on his IG after someone asked if a TX deer he posted at that time was either low or high fence. It was probably a mid 150's deer but what caught my eye was the hill country oaks and vegetation in the background. I replied that in Texas most would assume its high fence unless otherwise stated given the scenario. Levi blew up on the comment saying he never has or ever will hunt fenced deer. I see he now clarifies low fence with his posts.

      Not taking anything away from the guy. He's an incredible hunter, amazing competitive shooter, and has proven his self out West with some amazing kills no doubt. But.... most here know how hard to is to locate, hunt, and then actually accomplish something of this magnitude even on some of the best ranches in the state. Cable or Social media viewers will never know or care I guess.


        More publicity for the Cactus Jack.
        Mi say keep growing and keep shooting em, I like to see the pics!


          Originally posted by ForEverlast View Post
          So I saw where he came down for the second year in a row and took a really nice buck on the CJ and posted to his instagram about his dream buck and the "lowfence" deer he had always dreamed of and of coarse on his post some guys posted that it is not low fence etc. and he fired back at them and I kinda summed it up that if Boone and Crockett, Pope & Young, and Texas Big game awards don't recognize it then it is likely not high fence...of which he quickly blocked and deleted my comment....the truth seems to hurt some folks and I could care less if you shoot a deer in a high fence or one that has had a tag but just call it what it is period don't try and make up some false claims about it just say it...I know that is most likely critical since most large sponsors wont allow TV shows to be filmed in high fences for obvious reasons as it is asking for trouble from activist groups but since now days we have to label deer as "pasture born" or whatever I am just tired of seeing people try and bend the rules for their narrative and it may just be me... regardless he shot a very nice buck scored 185" and it is a beautiful deer but just call it what it is !! Rant over good luck to everyone out their hunting and any harvest with a bow is a good one and well worth noting that!! Worth also noting he seems like a great guy hunts all over the country and I enjoy watching the show and to his defense he may not truly know the facts of the ranch that it had DMP at one time etc. ...Moving on
          Interesting as you are also guilty of blocking and deleting post as well.


            Originally posted by Tester View Post
            Their website sounds like they're Texas Big Game Awards "Low Fence" eligible:

            Our track record for producing giant native white-tail is unmatched. The ranch has produced 16 bucks with gross B&C scores over 200" with the largest buck we have ever harvested breaking the 230" mark. And last season our top 18 bucks had an average score of 177" with one typical and one non-typical making the top 10 in the prestigious low fence, state-wide Texas Big Game Award program.
            Intentionally lay down a fence just to be able to enter a deer in a low fence division. SMH…either small P or napoleon syndrome.
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              Why do y’all care??


                Originally posted by Capt.Brown View Post
                Why do y’all care??
                People can't talk about Texas bowhunting on Texas Bowhunter website now? Why are you here?


                  I understand both sides of the argument. If a deer has the option to vacate the property, I understand them calling it low fence. I think that is what they are defining it as, even though some or even the majority of the property is high fenced. I think full disclosure is the best policy. Most people, myself included, will naturally assume that there is not a high fence present anywhere if someone says a property is low fence. And I do not care either way. People just don't like feeling like they are being fed a load of crap.


                    Life is too short to care about what some hunter you don't know personally shoots or where he shoots it.


                      Originally posted by Throwin Darts View Post
                      Life is too short to care about what some hunter you don't know personally shoots or where he shoots it.


                        I obviously am not familiar with the ranch y’all are talking about, but I used to hunt a place that was high fenced on the north side, and was broken up into “pastures” that had high fences on some of them. It was 16,000 acres and the deer could go where they wanted to except they couldn’t enter the high fenced leases or leave them. I never considered myself hunting a high fenced area.

                        I’m in the camp that doesn’t care if it’s high fenced or not, just don’t misrepresent it. I’ve hunted in a high fenced place considerably smaller than 4,800 acres but I considered it a grocery run, only shooting axis does. If I wanted to shoot a big deer really bad I wouldn’t let the fence stop me, but I’m not an antler hunter, I’m a meat hunter. To each his own !


                          Originally posted by flywise View Post
                          Its Texas
                          No one in Texas or anywhere else in the country sees a 180+ deer killed in this state and thinks, that’s a hell of a native born and raised off mother natures bounty buck.
                          Sure there are a hand full of exceptions where a true native buck got old eating what nature provides and got past 170. It’s no surprise and can’t blame anyone for doubting the validity of any buck that big.
                          I was one of the blessed one many years ago
                          But now he wouldn't even be interesting in this age of fences and protein.

                          I liked Levis show. His recent antelope hunt / kill turned me off and not a fan anymore.

                          BTW that photo with the deer is not flattering to a 185” buck. And he looks mad.


                            $19k for a 185 class buck.


                              Originally posted by piercebronkite View Post
                              That’s what it cost him?


                                Originally posted by redfishted View Post
                                That’s what it cost him?
                                The price schedule

                                “” After this base fee, the price increases by $300 per inch, up to 160" B&C, based on the size of the deer you kill. These prices would follow as:

                                145" B&C Class Buck ---> $4,000
                                150" B&C Class Buck ---> $5,500
                                155" B&C Class Buck ---> $7,000
                                160" B&C Class Buck ---> $8,500

                                After 160" B&C, the price increases to $400 per inch based on the B&C score of the deer you kill. The prices would follow as:

                                160" B&C Class Buck ---> $8,500
                                165" B&C Class Buck ---> $10,500
                                170" B&C Class Buck ---> $12,500
                                175" B&C Class Buck ---> $14,500
                                180" B&C Class Buck ---> $16,500

                                After 180" B&C, the price increases to $500 per inch based on the B&C score of the deer you kill. The prices would follow as:

                                180" B&C Class Buck ---> $16,500
                                185" B&C Class Buck ---> $19,000
                                190" B&C Class Buck ---> $21,500
                                195" B&C Class Buck ---> $24,000
                                200" B&C Class Buck ---> $26,500

                                *Drop tines will be billed at an extra $200 per inch. This fee will only be added to the total length of drop tine points. For instance, if a deer is a 160" class buck with 10" of drop tines, the total cost would be $10,500. This price would cover the $8,500 cost of a 160" buck (see above) and the extra $200 per inch fee assessed over the total 10" of drop tines creating a fee $2,000 and an overall cost of $10,500.*””