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Who'll be first? E-F150

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    Originally posted by bbqfan5909 View Post
    I'm really hoping Tundra steps up with a hybrid system. I give it 10 years, electric vehicles will be the norm and quick charging equivalent to filling up as gas station.
    Hybrid yes, full electric no way. How will I charge up where ever I go. No where I visit has a charging set up. I don't want to be that confined to where I go and what I do. I hope I am dead and gone before total electric is the only option. I support fossil fuels


      Originally posted by RedDogOutdoors View Post
      Just got our first one at the small dealership I work at. They're pretty cool and have some crazy power, darn near throws your head and spins the back wheels when you punch it. Price is pretty crazy when you start moving up the line ours is a Lariat package, pretty fully decked out and is darn near almost $84k. The price for what you get in return is outrageous in my eyes, plus no one in the hill country can afford that kind of price tag with limited returns on true truck capabilities.
      You guys selling it for MSRP or adding a big markup on top of the 84?


        if the present govt had not screwed up the whole energy industry I would be fine with gasoline forever.

        As a taxpayer, I am tired of giving tax breaks to greenies


          Place I work is buying several of them . Not sure how well it’s going to work out . Jackholes can’t plug a golf cart in much less a truck .


            I feel like I need one of these and a beater old diesel too. So I can talk out of both sides of my mouth!!! Haha


              Saw one today at our local Ford dealership- $93,800.


                I was pretty interested in the Powerboost, so Weber lent me their lightning model for the day as my new 350 twas getting a bedliner sprayed in…

                It was freakin fast! Slam you back in the seats, but I went to H‑E‑B at 11:00 and when I came back out, the truck wouldn’t “start” it kept telling me to unplug it from the charging station!

                So they gave me a gasser and towed that one back to the dealership for diagnostics… lots of kinks to get worked out, but a pretty awesome idea.

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