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1st World Problems - Let us hear 'em!

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    2 extra clicks on the mouse to log in to TBH everyday. I ain't got time for that ****.


      Originally posted by RatherBhuntin View Post
      Back in the day before online shopping was so easy if you need a particular item there was a process to getting it. Get up and get dressed to go to town, drive into town to the store, wander around the store till you find what you need then drive back home.

      Now when ordering online you place the order then realize, "shoot I have to get up to go get my credit card"
      I know right. Gets me every time.


        Hand washed my truck in the driveway yesterday evening, had it looking really sharp. Today the wind is blowing 20 MPH, at work, and its all covered in dust already.


          Originally posted by sideways View Post
          My “nokink” hose always kinks

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          Dont kinkshame bro...


            I was told 20-25 minute wait for my breakfast tacos this morning. Took 35 minutes. I could have died.


              Deciding which buffet to eat at.

              Or do I eat BBQ....

              In the spirit of the OP I pre eat [emoji16]
              On the way home from work I might stop a Taco Cabana and get me a LG Brisket Quesadilla.

              This is leftovers from last night.


                Originally posted by bobc View Post
                You think one these would work for your application. Use on on for my porch TV.

                I wish I was high tech like you guys.

                I got out of the pool, drained the water, deflated the pool, moved the pool, feinflated the pool, refilled the pool, got back in the pool and relaxed.
                Then it hit me, I left the freaking remote on the chair over where the pool was!!!
                Screw it, the batteries were low anyway.

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                  My biggest problem is those zero turn mowers everyone loves. My neighbor likes it so much as to come mow MY yard at ten in the morning every Saturday. Wakes me up. Grass blown in the flower beds. Cut slightly uneven.
                  But that's not the problem...
                  The problem is she was wearing her green thong bikini instead of the white one. How inconsiderate!!!

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                    via text message:

                    Wife: What's wrong with my computer?


                      Originally posted by TeamAmerica View Post
                      I think there needs to be a safe space for us to complain about frivolous things so here is mine:

                      1. Pre-cleaning the house before the cleaning lady shows up. My wife starts riding my behind about 2 days out....why would i clean up? Do you pre-wash your car before you take it to the car wash? pre-wash your clothes before taking them to the cleaners?? NO!

                      What are your 1st world problems?
                      Man I thought it was just me! My wife does the exact same thing. I like to give her a hard time about it.
                      She also finally walked out of our house last night with the twins crying when the babysitter got there. We sped off to all we could eat crawfish. She’s making strides! Haha


                        Originally posted by JHT View Post
                        There is a sushi place that recently opened up 3 minutes from my house. They have a seasoned tuna that has to be dusted with heroin, cocaine, LSD and Zanax. I have a become an addict. They fuel the addiction by knowing my order from the caller id. "Herro Mr John de same orda?" I say yes and hang up. I get it to go because they don't serve alcohol or have a tv at the bar. My record is three separate orders in one day. I tip the girls well and started getting extras in the bag. It's getting out of control but I don't care anymore. I knew I would get caught eventually. It was my secret until....

                        Last weekend my girls were making breakfast and all started laughing calling me to come to the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen and I was busted. The drawer that I toss the wrapped chopsticks was open. One was counting them the other two just cracking up.

                        "Why do you have 37 sets of chopsticks? You can't even use them?"

                        "I like the new sushi place and go there frequently."

                        "37 times? Its only been open for a few months. What is her name?" (two months actually)

                        "Nothing to see here girls. It's considered bad luck in Japanese culture to throw away un-used chopsticks and I am honoring their tradition."

                        "Why don't you just tell them you don't NEED them when you order."

                        "Girls there is a system in place that can't be disturbed. Sure I could open the bag and take them out while I was picking it up but there is no way I can re-tie the bag like they do. Its art."

                        "Seriously, are you on drugs Dad?"

                        My phone rang in another room and i raced off to answer it. Later I moved the chopsticks to a safer location like a true addict does. That was a close one.

                        Hilarious!! What’s the name of this crackhouse!?


                          Tankless hot water heater at the ranch went out and had to take cold showers


                            wife does not like me using the frozen premade meatballs on her spaghetti that I make. I said why did you buy two bags of them. "They were on sale"


                              Our 3rd vehicle wouldn't start yesterday..battery completely drained from lack of use.


                                Snowflakes need to grow some hair.