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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    Don't pee on the flame!

    Or spark plugs and electric fences. "tip of the day'


      This would be a good place for Nubbin's to sprout some bone.

      Sure are some deals in the Classifieds here lately.
      Hunting Videos & Flickr Pix



        Casey I Saw Rodney In S.a. On 1-10, Do Not Drink Anything During His Show, It Will Come Out Of Your Nose.


          Just checkin' in. The ol' Green Screen is a positive oasis in the internet desert of negative influence.

          Thanks to Michael and Casey and Mary and everyone else around here for keeping it that way.



            Getting ready to leave to pick up my son for the weekend. It is the greatest feeling having a son that wants to literaly be just like you. If I wear Wranglers and slip on boots, he has to. If I am wear my felt hat he has to.

            I love my boy sooo much. He is six and will shoot every gun I own from smallest to biggest cal. He wanted to shoot a bow ever since he could pick it up because daddy shoots a bow. You might recall these pics from another thread.

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              Originally posted by bdphunt View Post
              I like this thread idea.

              I have been on TBH since sometime in 2000. There have not been many days that have gone by that I have not visited the site at least once, most days many more. I am glad to see it growing like it is. I will share my own posting rule. If there is a thread that is controversial or toeing the line of what the site intends, I ignore it. I don't post anything to give it merit. I think the more these threads are completly ignored the fewer that will pop up.

              Off my soap box and wishing the season was not over. I have an urge to get some more blood on my new bow. Long live TBH.
              I post on these sometimes....

              But it usually says

              "Looks like another thread I need to stay away from"

              Good idea, bd




                  Who's doing the magic trick in the TBH Longview get together photo??


                    Glad I joined the group. Looks like im in it for the long haul. Glad there is a group of people that enjoy spreading the passion that someone else gave to you.


                      Here and howdy


                        Originally posted by tbgascorer View Post
                        Who's doing the magic trick in the TBH Longview get together photo??
                        Medic911(Jeff) from Sulpher Springs.


                          Here luv it so much the campfire eternal stuff makes me want to go to church


                            Here.... Man I love this PLACE!


                            See ya'll Monday......


                              News from the Powers house:

                              Mille (11 mo) is getting tubes in her ears in two weeks. She apparently hears like she's under water.

                              Click image for larger version

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                              Nathan (3) has become extremely proficient with his toy "bow and arrow" that shoots small marshmellows. He can hit the cowboy on the G Harvey painting every time from across the room.

                              My wife (Kara) is hot, smart and the best Mother/Wife on Earth.

                              Life is good. TBH is good.