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Kawasaki vs Koehler vs Briggs

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    Originally posted by Codypatt1 View Post
    In my opinion, most important is what gas you run. Non E is your best option followed by ethanol with stabilizer. Very important if you let it sit there for a month or so.

    The closest gas station to me that sells ethanol free gas is about 40 miles away. So for years I’ve put a stabilizer in all of my gas cans each time that I fill them up. I ran a test in 2021 to see how the fuel is after storing E10 87 octane gas, outside, in 5 gallon gas cans. I ended up running 15 gallons of that gas through my car while monitoring ignition timing. It all ran through just like gas I had just bought. But, I have always run my mowers year round so the fuel never has a chance to gum up the carb.


      Hustler with Kawa for 3 yrs. and about 100hrs. No hiccup. I only run ethanol free also


        I agree with the Kaw, Briggs, then Kohler crowd. I will say if you get a good Briggs Vanguard, they are a very solid motor. I've had 3 z turns and a long time ago sold mud motors for about 6 yrs fwtw.