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Newborn Vaccination Schedules

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    Newborn Vaccination Schedules

    My wife and I will soon be welcoming our first newborn and I’ve been reading on today’s vaccine schedules. Seems like with most things nowadays there’s no shortage of misinformation online. It also seems like every doctor we ask replies with “we recommend what the CDC recommends which is for them to get all their vaccines according to schedule.”

    There’s no doubt modern medicine and vaccines save millions of lives and prevent life long diseases such as polio, tetanus, measles, etc., but when I was born in ‘96, there were 6 vaccines recommended whereas today there are around 15.

    My current thoughts are that any virus/ disease with life-lasting effects but has a vaccine available should be entertained.
    But other viruses where most healthy individuals who get them get over within a week.. are those really necessary to stack them up on a healthy newborn? The flu vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu, it only lessens the symptoms. The Covid vaccine doesn’t prevent Covid, it only lessens the symptoms (supposedly - not here to debate the Covid vaccine, just trying to make a point some only lessen symptoms). The list goes on for short-term illnesses that healthy individuals can typically get over in a few days and build natural immunity to.

    What’s the truth on today’s vaccination schedule and are they all necessary? Do you have to give your kid all of them to enroll them in daycare, school, etc.?

    I would find a pediatrician you like and trust and then I'd never look at any replies to this thread.


      I wish I could help. The list seems entirely too long.
      I tried researching this myself when my twin granddaughters were born 2.5 years ago and yes, it is very frustrating. The fact that there is not more independent information available on this is alarming in itself.
      Every link directs you to the CDC BS...

      Are illegal immigrant children required to be vaccinated to go to our public schools? And if not then why aren't they? I found absolutely nothing on this, which is also very alarming.
      Good luck. I'll be following.


        I would say read everything you can about every vaccine they are planning to give. It never hurts to be informed. The risk of vaccine injury isn’t high, but tell that to the parents of kids who have suffered from a bad reaction.


          Is today's vaccination schedule necessary? No. I have told our son's Dr no thanks to multiple shots, and TBH, wish I would have told them no to more. There is one they give like 8 hrs after birth, which they sold as a "vaccine" but turns out it's a vaccine for STDs. For an 8 hour old baby...*** is that. I didn't do my research on that one, and I wish I had.

          My point is, do your research, there is great info out there, RFK has great links to vaccine complications. Some Dr's have discussed how delaying vaccinations could actually cause more problems because preservatives in the vaccines might actually be the cause of the complications arising from those vaccines. Get yourself a Dr you trust. Because at at the end of the day, it's up to YOU and YOUR WIFE to decide, not the CDC, not the Dr, no one else. You have to live with the consequences, not them. So research away!

          On a lighter note, congratulations on the soon to be arrival!


            We just had our first this time last June. My MIL still had my wife's vaccine records from when she was a kid. We basically went in there and told them to give her the vaccines we got when we were her age. I have plenty of friends who have done everyone on their kids and plenty who have not done any vaccines on their kids.


              Look up dr peter mccullough...the list of jabs kids get today vs what we got is insane. My wife is convinced one or a combo of them is what harmed our daughter.

              The amish don't do jabs and have no autism...research autism & jabs.

              My wife suggests talking to your dr & getting them spread out over a long period of time.


                Had a baby last year. She has ZERO vaccines. The only type of “vaccine” she got was an oral vitamin K treatment at her 2nd or 3rd new born check up. Did not get a vitamin K shot straight out the womb. For day care all we have to do is fill out this form which the doc can give you then you get it notarized basically saying she is unvaccinated for health reasons. My daughter is completely unvax’d and it’s going to stay that way. If your eyes aren’t open from covid then they never will be. Find a holistic doctor and go that route. Espically with a baby.

                I’m also not some weird organic hippy person either. My wife did a ton of research on the whole vaccine thing and everything we found was the negatives far out weigh the positives with all that stuff. My daughter is very healthy and has zero health issues as well.

                rich people don’t vaccinate their baby’s. There is a reason for that…

                Hope this helps!


                  Kudos to you for thinking about this in advance. Hope you have lots of popcorn at hand!

                  Use common sense. Good luck. I now side with negatives outweigh positives. Just far too much BS to follow blindly. Just the vaccines for STDs shows that (that they try to give babies and young girls).

                  Originally posted by Walker View Post
                  I would find a pediatrician you like and trust and then I'd never look at any replies to this thread.
                  So he can start a thread on how to find a good pediatrician he can trust?
                  If a doctor of any kind follows the CDC I'm out. I'd assume a good unbiased honest doctor would need to be independent and not work for a big corporate health facility.


                    Originally posted by Artos View Post
                    Look up dr peter mccullough...the list of jabs kids get today vs what we got is insane. My wife is convinced one or a combo of them is what harmed our daughter.

                    The amish don't do jabs and have no autism...research autism & jabs.

                    My wife suggests talking to your dr & getting them spread out over a long period of time.
                    I don’t know about the Amish rates of autism, but I heard someone say “Autism is a 1st world problem, when a people are subsiding on the land or barely surviving meal to meal, you don’t have the luxury to concern yourself with degrees of a spectrum”

                    I do find it interesting that the WHO definitively states that rates vary among countries and socioeconomic classes. This appears to be the one condition that impacts developed economies more than poor.

                    I also find it disturbing that 2012 research states the rate of ASD worldwide was 62 in 10,000. 2022 research states the rate of ASD as high as 1 in 100. That is a change of 6/1000th of a percent to a full percent in 10 years. And places like California report rates of over 4%

                    as someone stated, the lack of independent research is concerning, especially in light of those statistics.


                      I have a very similar story to some on this thread. Wife and I were in the same boat last year with our little one. Covid BS aside, we tried to do a bunch of reading and research to make informed decisions but it's really hard to sort through it all. One of the most revealing pieces of information for us was a podcast that had excerpts from the WHO vaccine symposium on it. It was eye opening for us, and it came straight from their mouths.

                      We took a bunch of questions to our pediatrician and had a very open conversation about everything. She was extremely helpful and supportive, and let us know that even her own kids didn't get everything recommended these days. She asked a bunch of questions about family history, diet, exercise, lifestyle, occupations, childcare situation, etc. to gauge different factors of health risk for the little one. After talking through it all and discussing different things with her, we were able to feel very comfortable about our choices. I can't recommend that approach enough.

                      There's about a 3'x4' poster in every room of their office with the recommended vaccine schedule for kids these days, from brand newborns to age 18. We counted one time and there were somewhere between 40-50 difference recommended vaccines for kids these days through that age group. It's insane. Like WitoTX said, some you can just look at wonder why? STD vacs for little kids, constant flu shots, Covid shots, etc.

                      BLee is correct. If you go the unvaxed route, all you need to do is get a form signed and notarized. It's not a big deal and the schools have to accept it. Your kid doesn't have to have any of them to go to school or daycare.

                      Good luck in your search. Hopefully you'll be in a much better place after a long conversation with your pediatrician .


                        Congrats on your little one! I would recommend you do your research, and stand firm on your decisions. Remeber that you and your wife are making those decisions for your family and you do not have to answer to anyone outside of that.


                        You can find some good information on these two websites. Dr. Green Mom also has a vaccine friendly doctor finder.

                        Candace Owens has a podcast on this very topic that is quite educational.

                        My wife also loves Moms off the Record podcast that can be found on spotify and I am sure other places as well.


                          I had no idea you could opt out in regards to schools.

                          RFK is actually discussing this issue while campaigning...I'm glad people are talking about it.


                            Steve Kirsch just posted a link to this study on X. Yet another indicator of the dangers of all the vaccinations that are being pushed on children these days. It's just nuts.

                            There are statistically significant positive correlations between neonatal, infant, and under age five mortality rates of developed nations and the number of early childhood vaccine doses that are routinely given. When developed nations require two versus zero neonatal vaccine doses, or many versus fewer infant vaccine doses, our study suggests there may be unintended consequences that increase all-cause mortality.
                            Cureus | Neonatal, Infant, and Under Age Five Vaccine Doses Routinely Given in Developed Nations and Their Association With Mortality Rates | Article


                              I was livid when told my son needed the Meningitis jab to go to college. bs