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Michael Middleton
      Michaela Middleton

Webb County, Texas

    December 29 - January 1

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A Webb County New Year!

About the Hunt

This hunt marks only the second trip of the season to our family ranch in Webb County.  Early season trips to other locations throughout the state have limited time spent at the ranch to a General Season opening weekend hunt that produced little action.  With the rut winding down, the bucks should be grouping back together and generally react favorably to feeding as they look to re-energize from the rigors of the rut. 

My wife, Jeanette, and my daughters, five year old Michaela and sixteen month old Courtney, will join me on the hunt, and I intend to get at least a brief amount of "field time" with Michaela, hunting from the comfort of a Double Bull I.C.E. Blind. 

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Here's a map of the ranch, marked with potential stand locations.  The red borders indicate neighboring ranches that have high-fenced operations.  Blue borders represent low fences, while the yellow line represents an interior fence, and road known as "Hi-Line Road."  The blue shaded areas are tanks.  Bow stands are marked with red dots, with the green dots denoting feeders.