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Glenn Lemke
      Michael Middleton
      Casey Morris
      Don Florus

Coleto Creek Park 
    Victoria, Texas

    November 17-19, 2000

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Coleto Creek Public Hunt

About the Hunt

Back in August, I received information about a public draw hunt by the Guadalupe-Blanco River authority to be conducted at Coleto Creek Park and Reservoir located between Goliad and Victoria.  Glenn submitted an application for four hunters, and we were chosen by random drawing for one of eight weekend, archery only hunts. 

"These hunts help to reduce the size of the deer herd that has grown beyond
the carrying capacity of the reservoir lands and decrease the number of
feral hogs that are damaging reservoir property," said GBRA reservoir ranger
Curtis Seiler. "All the hunters who participated in last year's hunts saw a
large number of deer."

According to Seiler, the hunt will take place on more than 800 acres located
near the Coleto Creek Main Dam. No hunting will take place in or around the
Coleto Creek Park. Hunters will be allowed to harvest two anterless deer.
There will be no limit on feral hogs.

Glenn met in October with the ranger staff of Coleto Creek to find out what expect and to get maps of the area.  Only 64 hunters drawn for the eight hunts, eight per weekend. Each party of four has approximately 500 acres on which to hunt.  Each hunter is allowed 2 does and unlimited hogs. Feeders and baiting are also permitted.  With a deer herd of 350-400 deer, and a doe to buck ratio of 30:1, there should be plenty of shot opportunities for the hunters!

Glenn Lemke, Don Florus and Casey Morris will be leaving on Friday morning so that they may scout the area and hang stands in anticipation of the beginning of the hunt on Saturday morning.  I will be joining the trio on Friday evening.  The weather could be ugly, but we look forward to an exciting hunt!  Join us for our exciting adventure!