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Daniel Vann

Guides and Videographers
      Leo Martiniez
      Michael Middleton
      Kavin Vann

Buck n' Boar Outfitters
    Grapeland, Texas

    October 28-29, 2000

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Buck n' Boar Youth Doe Hunt!

About the Hunt

Leo Martinez, ranch manager at Buck n' Boar Outfitters in Grapeland, Texas, sent me an email before the season began and said that he wanted to do something to give a young hunter an opportunity to hunt at their day lease sometime during the bow season, and asked me if I would help.  He wanted to give the  doe only hunt away to a young hunter through  We talked on the phone and came up with some ideas and parameters for the hunt and then posted the details on the discussion forum on the site.  Young hunters, age sixteen or under, registered for a drawing by entering their information within the discussion.  We had several enthusiastic young bowhunters that registered, hoping to win the opportunity to join us on this unique hunt. 

Not wanting to let Leo have all the fun, I contacted Robert Rutledge at Brush Country Camouflage and asked him if he would like to provide a new camouflage cap for the winner of the hunt.  Robert was so so enthusiastic about the idea of promoting the sport to the kids, that not only did he simply provide a cap, he offered to outfit the winner with a full set of Brush Country Camouflage, including a shirt, pants, gloves and facemask! 

We held the drawing on October 1, and the winner of the hunt was chosen and announced on the website.  The winner was 12 year old Daniel Vann of Danbury, Texas.  Daniel's parents, Kavin and Debi Vann, are regular contributors to the website, and I was pleased to announce that their son was the winner.  They indicated that Daniel jumped up and down enthusiastically  when he learned that he was drawn for the hunt!  I had an opportunity to meet Kavin, Debi and Daniel during our Group Live Hunt at Aransas NWR.

This should be an exciting hunt, as Daniel attempts to harvest his first animal with a bow!  Daniel will be joined by his dad and me as we hope to capture his successful hunt on video so that you can be a part of it through the Live Hunt!  The hunt begins on Saturday morning, so check in often for updates!

I'd like to once again offer my thanks to Leo Martinez and Buck n' Boar Outfitters for making this hunt possible, as well as Robert Rutledge and Brush Country Camouflage for their contribution to the hunt!  Getting our youth involved in bowhunting is essential to preserving bowhunting for future generations, and these fine folks have certainly done their part to make it happen!